Surfcare: Protecting Your SUP Against Accidental Damage

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Surfcare: Protecting Your SUP Against Accidental Damage

Covering stand-up paddle surfboards, stand-up foils and in general the rest of the SUP market for dings and breaks is something we have planned to do since Surfcare’s inception. Reaching far beyond the manufacturer warranty to provide a complete protection plan helps to round out our vision of supplying needed protection to fragile epoxy, PU and other composite boards. Thanks to SUP Boarder Magazine for shedding light on our board protection plans for stand up paddle boards.

Below by: Beau Nixon

Surfcare is the new company that can protect your new board against dings, breaks and damage so you'll have peace of mind when on the water.

There’s nothing better than the feeling and excitement of a new SUP, but you know at some point in the near future that first ding is coming. With SUPs now setting you back thousands of dollars, it’s about time a company like Surfcare came into the market so we can now protect our new SUPs against damage.

Currently only available in the USA, Surfcare covers damage to SUPs, surfboards, foils and fins and they are hoping to expand into overseas markets in the near future.

Take a read on the entire article and complete SUP Boarder’s very short survey on whether you see a benefit to adding protection to your newest prized possession.

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