Surfcare launches exclusively in Los Angeles

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Surfcare launches exclusively in Los Angeles


As of today, Surfcare Protection Plans can now be purchased with your new surfboard in Los Angeles.

i*be Surfboards is the first shaper to sell Surfcare, so hit up Ian Blackmore for a custom shape, and get covered by Surfcare. All repairs will be done by local legend, Scott Whitmer.

Ian Blackmore, a local to Redondo Beach, has been surfing since childhood and shaping for a decade now. Mentoring with famed Maui shaper, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii, Ian continues to be one of the top underground shapers in Los Angeles.

Ian Blackmore iᐧbe Surfboards, @ianblackmore


Scott Whitmer started Whitstik Surfboard Repairs back in 1983 when he was 13 years old! He started the business manufacturing new surfboards and doing repairs on the side. In 1989, Scott started repairing surfboards full time and has never looked back. That’s over 25 years of experience! Growing up on the beach, he’s competed in NSSA for years and moved on to being a WQS and International Surfing Judge. Get your boards repaired by the best in LA!

Scott Whitmer, Whitstik Surfboard Repairs,

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