How Much Should I Pay for My Surfboard Ding Repair?

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How Much Should I Pay for My Surfboard Ding Repair?

Finding the best ding repair person or shop can be difficult. A casual search for surfboard ding repair near me usually gives you a blend of ding repair only shops, surf shops that provide ding repair and surf shops without ding repair. If you’re looking for a complete guide to finding the best ding repair shop in your area, check our directory and map here. However, word of mouth still reigns king when it comes to finding someone you like at the price that fits your budget. Below we outline what you should expect to pay to repair your dinged and damaged surfboard.

Surfboard ding repair estimates are based on polyester construction repairs. Epoxy, longboard and SUP repairs will cost more.

A general guide to the most common ding repair pricing estimates are:

  • Nose chips & dings: $40 - $50
  • Broken nose: $100 - $140
  • Rail damage: $50 - $80
  • Deck holes & gashes: $40 - $55
  • Delamination: $100 - $140
  • Buckled board: $100 - $180
  • Broken board: $150 - $200
  • Surfboard fin repair:
    • Fin box - FCS, Future, etc… $100 - $120
    • Bahne longboard box: $100 - $140
    • Glassed fin: $100
  • Leash plug: $50 - $60
  • Chipped & dinged tail: $40 - $50
  • Broken tail: $100 - $140

Remember, the ding repair estimates are based on polyester construction with costs of repairs done in California. Ding repair for epoxy, carbon, longboards and SUPs will costs slightly more. Repairs vary from shop-to-shop and state-to-state. We’re always hoping to spend less and get the board back faster. However, repairing a board is an art and not all that easy. Show some love to your local ding repair specialist, they’re keeping us all afloat.

Once, you’ve decided on a shop to drop your board you will likely have a few questions.

  1. How long will it take for the surfboard to be finished with the repair?
    • This is completely dependent on the backlog of boards and the help the shop or repair specialist has at their disposal. A general time frame is usually 1 to 3 weeks.

  2. Should I expect the surfboard to surf the same once repaired?
    • This is dependent on the type of damage that you are having repaired. For examples, if you buckled or broke the surfboard and are having it repaired, there is a good chance that it won’t flex the same as it did originally. If you are having a rail ding repaired or fin box reset, your board should surf exactly the same as it did before having the accident.

  3. Can they color match so the surfboard looks as good as new?
    • Most shops can color match to ensure your surfboard looks the same as it did prior to the damage. Some shops do the color matching better than others and most of them charge extra for the artistry that goes into it.

  4. What are the chances the estimates balloons into additional costs?
    • If the shop is reputable it is unlikely the estimate will change unless the shop finds additional, hidden damage that was not noticed in the original review of the board. However, if there is a meaningful change in price, the ding repair professional will usually call to inform you before the work is done. Something to be aware of if dropping off at a surf shop that only facilitates the ding repair but doesn’t actually perform the repair itself. Often surfers drop off their board and the person at the shop will give an estimate based on a chart similar to the above. When it gets to the ding repair specialist it receives a once over where they will apply the correct estimates. So, in that scenario, it all comes down to how knowledgable the shop staff is of what to look at and how to properly assess the surfboard damage that’s occurred. Regardless, if there is a price change from the time you drop it off til the time the ding repair person picks it up, you should receive a call informing you of that before the repair work begins.

If the above process and costs sound like a headache and you want to make sure you’re not left holding the bag for damages that will cost into the hundreds, consider adding a protection plan to your board at the time of purchase. See our Shop Plans page for details.

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