4 Tips to Protect Your Surfboard from the Sun

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4 Tips to Protect Your Surfboard from the Sun

How to protect your surfboard from the sun

  1. Don’t leave your surfboard face up on the beach
    • This seems like a no brainer, but we see it all the time.

  2. Don’t leave your surfboard stored in your car
    • heat from your car can do just as much damage as the actual sun, so while it’s tempting to have your board on beckon call, remove it from your car when you’re not using it. The side benefit is that your board won’t get banged up when flying around sharp turns or by other items that might damage your board. And… depending on where you live, it won’t get stolen when your car gets broken into.

  3. Always store your surfboard in a shady, cool location
    • Your room, garage, backyard shed, under the house all work great as options to keep your surfboard safe from heat and sun damage.

  4. Always cover it in a surfboard sock or surfboard bag for extra protection

Heat damage to your board will cause:

  1. bubbling and separation of your glass deck from the foam core, aka delamanation
  2. deteriorate your foam core
  3. yellowing of your glass
  4. an unusable wax job

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