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Welcome to Surfcare

Welcome to Surfcare.  

I created Surfcare on a feeling… a bad one.  The one that you get when you break your favorite board on the first session while it’s pumping.  Ugh! Since then it’s been my goal to help people surf happier, carefree, and to eliminate some of that bad board-break feeling.  Surfcare will protect a surfers’ most prized possession, their new board, and to make an impact on the way that they enjoy surfing that new board.

I believe that when a surfer does ding, or worse, break that new board, service should be convenient and accessible no matter where their home break is.

Surfcare’s mission is to bring together the surfing community, give surfers another reason to buy that new board, and even better, to surf it without worries.

I am incredibly honored to share this passion with you.  Thank you for believing in Surfcare.

Surf Hard!


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