Surfcare: Now & the Future

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Surfcare: Now & the Future

The Surfcare mission is to help surfers enjoy the surfing experience more by protecting their possessions and providing a valuable service network.

Surfcare is a service for surfers.  We exist and thrive on customer satisfaction.  The Surfcare goal will always be based on helping surfers enjoy their sport more, whether it’s them surfing harder and carefree, or fixing their favorite boards.

Right now, the process is simple - available across the U.S.. Buy your new board, buy the protection plan, fix or replace it when it becomes damaged or broken. The goal is global! We want the repair and replacement process to be seamless around the world. We will build a global network of stores and repair that you’ll have access to while at home or traveling.

As Surfcare grows, the process will become cheaper and easier. In the near future, if you ding or break your board, you’ll be able to pull up the Surfcare App, place a claim on your phone, and sit back and wait for us to come to you. The future is bright for surfers :) Our goal is to make the repair process painless and even enjoyable. Surf hard! Don’t worry about that new board anymore, it’s in good hands!

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