Surfboard Warranties and Protection Plans: Why Every Surfer Should be Covered

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Surfboard Warranties and Protection Plans: Why Every Surfer Should be Covered

The holidays are here and they’re looking a little bit different this year. Gone is the risk of getting trampled at a Best Buy Black Friday event for a discounted Sony PS3… 


or pepper sprayed by fellow shoppers when trying to pick up a new Xbox. Now are the days of the persistent Groundhog Day like Cyber Monday Sales, where everyday something is up to 50% off.

Odds are, you’re spending more time distanced from the general public and more time in open spaces with a select group of family and friends. No wonder surfboard sales are through the roof! Purchasing a new surfboard is just about the most COVID friendly present you can buy for someone you care about over the holidays. So long as we’re stuck socially distancing, it might as well be while having fun and creating new experiences with the ones we love (surfing with) the most.

No matter what surfboard you’re shopping for and similar to by a gaming console or other gadgets at Best Buy, you can easily add a surfboard protection plan protecting the board against dings and breaks, leaving you feeling better about your holiday investment. The difference is that most other items you shop for over the holidays come with a standard product warranty or protection plan. For example, most other outdoor activities; hiking, camping, climbing, and mountaineering where brands like Patagonia, Kelty, Northface, Marmot, Osprey and others offer lifetime warranties on their products, even backing accidental damage in many cases, the surfboard industry hardly offers any protection at all. Product or Manufacturer Warranties against material and workmanship apply for a short time throughout the surfboard category but none of them back accidental damage. When purchasing outdoor gear and even most tech products, you may question whether you need an extended warranty or protection plan at all due to their strong upfront strong manufacture warranties. However, unlike the above listed category, surfboards come with no extra protection and are highly prone to dings and breaks making added protection an invaluable option.

Whether the board gets used in these massive winter swells that seem to keep stacking up or gets surfed by a beginner at some dumpy shore break, the board will be protected against the inevitable risks of surfing. Surfcare protection plans offer free ding repair for the life of the plan and replacements on boards that are too damaged to be fixed. Plans can be purchased on any board within 30 days of purchase from a shop or shaper directly from Surfcare’s plan page.


If you’re a surf shop, consider offering surfboard protection doing your part to add a little peace of mind this holiday season when your customers need it most. Reach our team here.

Happy Holidays from Surfcare!

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