Easy Tips to Keep Your Surfboard Ding Free and Safe from Damage [VIDEO]

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Easy Tips to Keep Your Surfboard Ding Free and Safe from Damage [VIDEO]

There is no such thing as an un-damageable surfboard. Inevitably your board will get dinged, damaged or worse. At Surfcare we are all about protecting your expensive and precious purchases and why we offer the ability to add an extended warranty on your surfboard against dings and breaks. However, there are many ways to avoid damaging your surfboard if taken care of properly. Surfcare’s Surf Care series gives you tips on how to best care for your surfboard, limiting the chances of damaging your board in the first place.

Episode 1 - The best way to lay your board down when out and about

  1. How to set your board down
  2. How to set your board down at the beach
  3. How to tie your leash string chord
  4. How to remove wax from your surfboard
  5. Which surfboard bags to use when and why
  6. How to best pack your surfboard for flying
  7. How to best store your surfboards at home
  8. How to store your leash
  9. Get your boards repaired by a professional
  10. Removing salt and sand from your surfboard


Watch the rest of Surfcare’s Surf Care series:

Episode 2 - How to keep your board clean and your wax job cool while at the beach


Episode 3 - How not tying your leash string correctly will end up slicing the tail of your board


Episode 4 - The easiest way to remove your old wax and lay down a new coat of fresh wax


Episode 5 - How to Pack your Surfboard Bag for a Surf Trip!


Surfcare provides a no non-sense offering. If you ding your board, we’ll repair it at a ding repair specialist near you. We strive to partner with the best repair shops to return your board in as close to new condition as possible. If your board breaks, we’ll replace it for 25% of the receipt price. Boards are expensive and inevitably get dinged. Why not help to get more life out of that purchase by investing in protection plan? If you you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on chat or email.

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